Can't Stop Process: Another backup is in progress


I’m doing the initial testing in my environment, ran the backup (Of a single VM, that’s all I got in this host for this test) with the --parallel option, failed to complete, I provided the wrong B2 credentials.

Tried again this time without the --parallel option, and it throws: “Another backup is in progress”

No clue why, it’s been giving me that error for a couple of hours now, and I do not feel like rebooting the host for this, I’m guessing there’s another way?
The documentation does not indicate:

  1. How to stop an ongoing backup
  2. A way of listing what is the program currently working on


You can run pgrep vertical to list running Vertical Backup processes and pkill vertical to kill them. If pgrep vertical returns nothing and you still get the Another backup is in progress error, then run rm .verticalbackup/plock to remove that file.