Compress/Decrease Backup Size


We do a weekly backup to an offsite FTP on a very slow connection. Is there anyway we can compress the backup or exclude a certain disk from being backed up.

E.g. One of the VM’s (DC1) has 2 Drives C:\ and E:, can we exclude E:\ so only the OS Disk (C:) is being backed up?

We’re really struggling with the speed of the backup!


You can use the --exclude-disk option to exclude certain disks:

./vertical backup vmname --exclude-disk diskpath

diskpath is the full path of the vmdk file. You can also use the wildcard to make it easier:

./vertical backup vmname --exclude-disk "*diskname"


Hi Gchen we are using just /vmfs/volumes/4c2e0dc0-a2afa1cc-16eb-0025903c61d8/verticalbackup/vertical backup --threads 4 --email --no-quiesce which means both VM's get backed up.

I’ve changed the command to;/vmfs/volumes/4c2e0dc0-a2afa1cc-16eb-0025903c61d8/verticalbackup/vertical backup --threads 4 --email --no-quiesce --exclude-disk /vmfs/volumes/4c2e0dc0-a2afa1cc-16eb-0025903c61d8/dc1_1.vmdk

But it still appears to backup/upload dc1_1-flat.vmdk


Ah - think I’ve got it to work now using
/vmfs/volumes/4c2e0dc0-a2afa1cc-16eb-0025903c61d8/verticalbackup/vertical backup --threads 4 --email --no-quiesce --exclude-disk "*dc1_1*"


--exclude-disk "*dc1_1-flat.vmdk" should work too. This is the real disk image. dc1_1.vmdk is the disk specification file which is very small.