How to restore to non-esxi host

We have been using vertical to backup a set of vm’s to backblaze for several years. Now it’s time to do some restores since our server has been down for six days due to a datacenter fire ( A good reason to do offsite backups…

Anyway, I have tried and failed to find a direct way to create an esxi machine with enough storage, without signing up for another contract with a host. At this point I just want to recover my VM disks to be able to run them locally (using VMware Fusion).

How can I get vertical to download those vm’s from the remote storage and reassemble them using either macos or linux, without having a full blown esxi install? I can get esxi installed under Fusion, but I cannot attach a big enough SSD to it for the 1TB restore, so I need another option.

Thanks in advance for assistance.

Duplicacy ( should be able to restore from backups created by Vertical Backup. And you don’t need a license for that even with the web GUI.

okay, we have duplicacy… so it’s just a normal duplicacy restore?

I also posted as a ticket:

Hi As per your suggestion in the verticalbackup forum, I’m trying to restore using duplicacy web gui.

I connect to our B2 storage, and in order to have it connect, it asks for the encryption password. I provide it and it connects successfully.

Then I go to “restore.”

It lists all my VM backup ID’s there. I select one.

Then I go to the menu to select a revision, and I get the error shown.

It seems it wants a different password, or something else? I am not sure.

The error message is:
Failed to list revisions for backup backupname in the storage storagename: Failed to decrypt the file snapshot 1 of backupname: cipher: message authentication failed.

The weird thing is that if I don’t put in the correct password when connecting to the storage, it won’t connect at all. So I have the correct storage password for it to connect and see the list of backups. However when it comes to restoring, there is some additional layer here I do not understand.

Any help is appreciated so I can get back online.