Prune Command Failing


We have had a number of backup and prune commands running for a while but noticed recently that the prune job had been failing and as a result rapidly losing space on the drive. I have tried rerunning the prune on its own and encountered the following error -

Storage set to /vmfs/volumes/***/
No previous fossil collections found
SystemError: deallocated bytearray object has exported buffers
Failed to load file ‘/vmfs/volumes/***/chunks/cc/b96688660bc25099820210e46dc3 1e7ce7a866d3a00b31b8863ed8d9fdcc6b’: MemoryError()

I see in some related topics that Duplicacy could be a potential resolution to this issue, could someone point us towards a guide for getting this running from ESXi?


You can run Duplicacy on a different computer (or an ESXi VM), and connect the vmfs volume as an SFTP storage. The web GUI should be fairly easy to use (and you don’t need a license to run the prune job).

The user guide for the web GUI is here: