vcenter solution?


We are evaluating Vertical Backup for our vsphere cluster which is managed by a vcenter server appliance. Vertical Backup appears to only be single-host aware, is that correct? If so, we are anticipating an issue with putting this in to production since, with VCSA, we are often migrating VMs between hosts to balance loads, patch hosts and other admin tasks. However, if a backup cron is setup on one host and the VM moves to a different host, the backup job would have to be recreated on the other host and removed from the original host correct? Or is there a way for the second host to resume the incremental backups of the first host?

With Vmware having just decommissioned VDP and with other VM backup solutions like Veeam being so expensive, we are really hoping that Vertical Backup will become our backup solution of choice. Are there any plans for a UI in the future?



We always wanted to build a new version of Vertical Backup based on the storage API, but currently we don’t have the time/resources to actually start the work. This may change perhaps by the end of this year.