Backing up the nvram file for VMs


We’re evaluating Vertical Backup and it looks promising.
The only problem we found so far is that VM’s which are configured with EFI instead of BIOS can’t be restored without the associated VmName.nvram file. (When powering on the restored VM, it doesn’t find its boot device)

Is there a way to include this .nvram file that is referenced in the .vmx file in the backup?



I’ll look into this issue next week.


Can you try this latest build 1.2.2 at It should back up and restore the .nvram file.


So, I had a chance to try this build and now backup and restore of the EFI VM work flawlessly. The restored VM was able to find its boot device and successfully booted from it.

Many thanks for the quick solution! And I can also confirm that it works on ESXi 6.7.