Backups not picking up changes

I haven’t checked the logs in a while, but just noticed everyday the output has been looking like;

2020-04-01 18:06:02.174388 INFO BACKUP_STATS Total 61450 chunks, 61444.47M bytes; 1 new, 1K bytes, 740 uploaded

Any idea what might be happening here?


Did you receive my reply to your support ticket?

Anyway the problem seems to be that somehow Vertical Backup couldn’t consolidate the snapshots so it always backed up the base disk only, but not the delta disk that all changes went to.

Running a snapshot consolidation in vSphere client may help.

I did indeed- thanks a million. I had to wait a while before our scheduled jobs ran tonight’s backup, but this has indeed fixed the issue.

Thanks for the prompt reply. Now to wait for 55GB to upload @ 1Mb/sec :cry: