Connection Aborted / Broken Pipe


Hello –

We are evaluating your product. Love the software design choices you made.

We had the “no space left on device” problem, and installed the updated 1.2.0 version you linked from that thread. Since then, when we run back ups we have been receiving the following error frequently on back ups:

Uploading ***------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 358.94MB/s 00:00:21 4.5%
Failed to send request post (‘Connection aborted.’, error(32, ‘Broken pipe’))
Uploading 365.95MB/s 00:00:18 19.1%
Uploading 341.73MB/s 00:00:17 28.4%
Uploading 343.91MB/s 00:00:16 29.4%
Uploading 343.39MB/s 00:00:16 29.6%
Uploading 344.25MB/s 00:00:16 29.8%
Uploading 344.39MB/s 00:00:16 29.8%
Uploading 344.79MB/s 00:00:16 29.9%
Uploading 345.08MB/s 00:00:16 30.2%
Uploading 335.57MB/s 00:00:16 30.4%
Uploading 330.25MB/s 00:00:17 30.4%
Uploading 333.42MB/s 00:00:16 31.5%
Uploading 334.01MB/s 00:00:16 32.1%
Uploading 335.48MB/s 00:00:16 33.4%
Uploading 336.25MB/s 00:00:16 34.2%
Uploading 336.37MB/s 00:00:16 34.2%
Uploading 337.17MB/s 00:00:15 34.6%
Uploading 338.11MB/s 00:00:15 35.7%

We are running backup with “–threads 8”. We have excellent connectivity to the Internet – 10 GigE directly from the server into a carrier hotel. We ran a “check --all --verify” after these errors and no problems were found… I am assuming the program must be retrying the uploads?



Also, I noticed that the -v/–verify argument of check conflicts with the -v verbose argument. There is no output that is printed to specifically indicate that the integrity of the uploaded blocks have been checked… I hope the verify argument isn’t being ignored?



Yes, Backblaze B2 returns errors all the times and there is a retrying mechanism built-into to handle all kinds of errors. This is required by them:

As long as the ./vertical check -a -v reports no errors, the backups should be fine.

The verbose option -v is supplied before the command while --verify is after the command. For instance:

.\vertical -v check -v