Duplicacy copy task of vertical backup responds with Backblaze B2 404 status

Hi guys,

For some time now I’ve been using duplicacy (on a separate VM) to copy my local NFS vertical backups to B2. Duplicacy takes care of all my check / prune / copy jobs for vertical.

Recently after doing an exhaustive prune on both storages I’m now getting “returned status code 404” from B2 when running copy from my local NFS to B2.

I’ve got to the point now where I’ve deleted my entire B2 bucket and started a fresh one (same bucket name), but still getting this error.

Running a duplicacy check -fossils -resurrect on my local NFS backup comes back all fine with no errors.

Im using duplicacy 2.7.2 / vertical 1.4.3.

I’ve tried deleting the cache for both storages in .duplicacy, I removed the storage for the B2 bucket in preferences and re-added using “add”.

I’ve now ran out of ideas what to try next!

hmm… so after a bit more digging and searching I think actually nothing is wrong and the 404 status code is expected.

Looks like my copy job is running.