Error executing pre-backup script


Not sure why this isn’t working.

Trying to set up a simple pre-backup script:

/bin/wget -O /dev/null

This pings a preconfigured health check alert thing at That’s the command they suggest to use in a bash script (I added #!/bin/sh to the top, prepended /bin/ to the path and stripped the s in https due to probably lack of certs on the ESXi box).

The script works fine on its own but not when Vertical Backup executes it:

[root@funhost:/vmfs/volumes/datastore1/verticalbackup] ./vertical backup Funmail --email --threads 2
2019-05-21 16:22:03.485218 INFO PROGRAM_VERSION Vertical Backup 1.3.2
2019-05-21 16:22:04.287885 INFO LICENSE_INFO Licensed to BigTech; expires on 2020-XX-XX
2019-05-21 16:22:04.808180 INFO STORAGE_CREATE Storage set to sftp://duplicacy@funback:22222//media/vbackup/verticalbackup
2019-05-21 16:22:05.250146 INFO COMMAND_RUN Running command: /vmfs/volumes/datastore1/verticalbackup/.verticalbackup/scripts/pre-backup
2019-05-21 16:22:05.339431 INFO COMMAND_OUTPUT Connecting to (
2019-05-21 16:22:05.478143 INFO EMAIL_SEND A notification email has been sent to
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 150, in <module>
  File "", line 484, in backupCommand
  File "", line 491, in runScript
  File "", line 474, in runCommand
  File "", line 76, in LOG_INFO
  File "", line 104, in log
TypeError: not enough arguments for format string

Note it does in fact execute the ping and I see it in HCs control panel, but it exits with that failure instead of going on to run the backup.

Any ideas?


This is a bug: the % character in the output of your script was treated by Vertical Backup as a format string so it was looking for more arguments. You can work around it by modify your script to not print this character.

I’ll fix the bug in the next update.



I changed the script to the following and it seems work for now (didn’t need the output anyway).

/bin/wget -O /dev/null > /dev/null 2>&1