Failed to create the directory


Hi Gchen,

Now I am getting the following error when I try to back up any VM:

[root@esxi2:/vmfs/volumes/588be13f-2fe66c56-0bde-3863bb417370/verticalbackup] ./vertical backup Supersprings --no-chunk-listing
Vertical Backup 1.2.2
Trial license expires on 2019-03-13
Storage set to /vmfs/volumes/SATA_SAN-DataStore/verticalbackup
Listing all virtual machines
Backing up Supersprings, id: 17, vmx path: /vmfs/volumes/SAS_SAN-Datastore-2/Supersprings/Supersprings.vmx, guest os: centos64Guest
Failed to create the directory ‘/vmfs/volumes/SATA_SAN-DataStore/verticalbackup/snapshots/Supersprings@esxi2’:

I can see no issue with the path and permissions for those directories have not changed. I’m running the program as root so it should have full access. Any ideas why it can’t create the directory?


Which ESXi version is this? Newer ESXi versions may prevent you from doing certain things under the datastore directories. Besides, in my tests these datastore-based storages do not seem to perform well, so generally it is not recommended to use them as the backend directly.