input/output error



I’m having some issues with re-running a backup of a VM. I was having issues with missing chunks so in the end removed all snapshot references and did a prune and check (from another machine) to clean up.

But now when I try to get the backup of this VM to run for the first time I keep getting this input/output error.

I believe it could be due to my NAS being a little slow at times and perhaps the requests are timing out? Is there a way to get vertical to wait a little longer before giving up?

[root@BoxroomESXi01:/vmfs/volumes/534fcc7f-1ca88523-5866-a0b3cce17ffe/verticalbackup] ./vertical -v backup "OpenVPN Access Server 2.0.12"
Vertical Backup 1.2.0
This license is only valid for home and non-production use
Licensed to Steve Buck; expires on 2019-02-22
Storage set to /vmfs/volumes/boxroomnas01/Vertical_Backup/
Listing all virtual machines
Running command: /bin/vim-cmd vmsvc/getallvm
Vmid               Name                                                   File                                             Guest OS          Version                                     Annotation                                   
12     BoxroomNAS01                   [Crucial M500] Virtual Machines/BoxroomNAS01/BoxroomNAS01.vmx                  freebsd64Guest          vmx-08                                                                                   
14     BoxroomServer02                [Crucial M500] Virtual Machines/BoxroomServer02/BoxroomServer02.vmx            windows7Server64Guest   vmx-11                                                                                   
20     OpenVPN Access Server 2.0.12   [Crucial M500] OpenVPN Access Server 2.0.12/OpenVPN Access Server 2.0.12.vmx   ubuntu64Guest           vmx-07    OpenVPN Access Server Appliance 2.0.12
January 22, 2015
Backing up OpenVPN Access Server 2.0.12, id: 20, vmx path: /vmfs/volumes/Crucial M500/OpenVPN Access Server 2.0.12/OpenVPN Access Server 2.0.12.vmx, guest os: ubuntu64Guest
No previous backup found.  Listing existing chunks
Failed to list the directory '/vmfs/volumes/boxroomnas01/Vertical_Backup/chunks/07/b9': Input/output error


Think I’ve resolved it by using the -no-chunk-listing option.