Input/output error


Hi, currently trialing both Duplicacy and Veritcal backup and putting them through their paces at the moment.

I’ve successfully completed backups of all my VM’s for single host but am getting sporadic errors when checking their state.

I think the issue is related to the perfomance of my NAS (NFS mounted datastore) being a bit slow to respond to directory requests sometimes.

Here’s an example of the error I get:

[root@BoxroomESXi01:/vmfs/volumes/534fcc7f-1ca88523-5866-a0b3cce17ffe/verticalbackup] ./vertical check -a -v &
[root@BoxroomESXi01:/vmfs/volumes/534fcc7f-1ca88523-5866-a0b3cce17ffe/verticalbackup] Vertical Backup 1.1.5
Storage set to /vmfs/volumes/boxroomnas01/Vertical_Backup/
Listing all chunks
Failed to list the directory '/vmfs/volumes/boxroomnas01/Vertical_Backup/chunks/d5/8a': Input/output error

It seems to abort at this point. The actual specific directory that it errors on differs every time and if I check that directory I can see everything exists and looks fine.


I think you can try running the check command with Duplicacy on a different computer (or even directly on the NAS). This will not only get around of the IO error but also save CPU resources for your ESXi.


The NAS is running as a VM on the ESXi server so guess those cpu resources still being consumed but No more IO errors so all good! Cheers.