Installing and Testing (errors)


Hello, I’m interested in evaluate vertical backup.
I’m facing 2 problems

  1. after the installation, when I try to launch the command “vertical”, with any specification (“init”, “backup” etc.) it gives me an error “-sh: vertical: not found”, even if I meke it executable like said in the instructions with
    “chmod u+x vertical” and
    “sha256sum vertical # d0fa9bebca2f7ae40902c6e10ef6a4b6427a0ffddfab08ac83db6e6a1dbffb0c”
    if I type “./vertical” it works…
  2. when I tried to make the first backup it said “This computer is not eligible for the 30-day trial”
    I have no problem in buying a $ 10 licence (I’m trying on my home computer, before to install in the office one), but I’d like to make the firt backup, at least.


If you add . to the environment variable PATH then vertical should work.

I created a 30-day trial license for you. You can find it on your customer page


I have a similar issue.

When I type vertical it says sh: vertical: not found

When I type ./vertical is says Killed



./vertical is the right way. Try copying the vertical executable to a different directory and then running it from the new location. It looks like some versions of ESXi do not allow executables stored under certain directories to run.


Thank you. Once I moved it to another location it was fine. :slight_smile: