Prune job issue (MemoryError)


I try to configure prune job but always get error:

`/vmfs/volumes/esxi01-local/vertbackup/vertical prune -k 0:180 -k 7:30 -k 1:7
Vertical Backup 1.3.2
Storage set to b2://aaa-bbb
No previous fossil collections found
Traceback (most recent call last):

  • File “”, line 150, in *
  • File “”, line 844, in pruneCommand*
  • File “”, line 1484, in prune*
  • File “”, line 1494, in collectFossils*
  • File “”, line 333, in getSnapshotChunks*
  • File “”, line 309, in getChunkHashesFromSequence*
  • File “”, line 381, in downloadChunk*
  • File “”, line 381, in downloadFile*
  • File “”, line 128, in call*
  • File “site-packages/requests/”, line 501, in get*
  • File “site-packages/requests/”, line 488, in request*
  • File “site-packages/requests/”, line 641, in send*
  • File “site-packages/requests/”, line 797, in content*
    Failed to execute script vertical_main`

There is no memory lack on ESXi host, ESXi version - 6.5
Any ideas?

The amount of memory that can be used by a process running directly on ESXi is rather limited (less that 1GB), regardless of how much physical memory the host has. The prune command needs a lot of memory to load the list of all existing chunks.

The solution is to use Duplicacy Web Edition to run the prune command, which is completely free and doesn’t require a extra license if you don’t run a backup job.

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Thank you @gchen, I have already had it installed.

I’m confused. I see how this could be used as a one-off to prune things, but what’s the plan for “auto-run a prune job after every successful backup” or “run a prune job every Sunday night”? Isn’t a manual step as part of any backup regimen the recipe for disaster?


At this time, I would suggest using Duplicacy Web Edition for pruning backups created by Vertical Backup, mostly due to the memory limitation imposed by ESXi. There is a plan to merge Vertical Backup with Duplicacy Web Edition.