SFTP fail with OVH ftp backup

Hi everybody, i’m facing an error while configuring sftp

If i use this command : ($ is to anonimize :wink:)
vertical init esxi67 sftp://ns$$$$$$$.ip-$$$-$$$-$$.eu@ftpback-rbx$$-$$$.ovh.net:21/esxi67
i’ve directly have an error : here the console answer
Vertical Backup 1.4.3
No SFTP username specified

trying to understand this error i try another thing using this command (with a wrong login)
vertical init esxi67 sftp://ns$$$$$$$@ftpback-rbx$$-$$$.ovh.net:21/esxi67
gotcha ! here the console answer :
Vertical Backup 1.4.3
ns$$$$$$$@ftpback-rbx$$-$$.ovh.net’s password (leave blank to choose public key authentication):

Conclusion, my real login /ns$$$$$$$.ip-$$$-$$$-$$.eu (provide by OVH, i can’t change it)
is not interpreted by vertical … (too complex lol )

A real bug !

Is someone have a solution ?
Is the support able to provide another syntax to bypassed this problem ?


Can you try this build: https://acrosync.com/esxi/vertical? This build should accept more characters for the username.