Size limitations for personal license


It seems Vertical 1.3 introduced a new limitation for personal licenses, so VMs larger than 200GB can no longer be backed up. That’s really inconvenient since most of mine are 256 GB and therefore fall outside of that limit.

You should at least mention that in the changelog as it is a fairly significant change (for me it makes the upgrade completely worthless), and probably also make old versions available for download.

Would you also consider eliminating that limitation for licenses purchased before the change? I can understand the reasoning behind limitation, but my first instinct is not to upgrade, but to instead look elsewhere, because the limitation was not in place when I purchased and introducing it afterwards is a bit bait-and-switchy.


I’ll roll out a new version (1.3.2) that will honor old personal licenses.


Thanks - not just for the resolution but also your quick answer!


Any idea on when this will be released? Apparently thats the reason I have been getting errors the past few days, I hadn’t even noticed that it a limitation now. This would have influenced my purchase a few weeks ago…


Version 1.3.2 is now available at

A personal license purchased before April 15 2019 will be able to back up disks of any size.

You’ll need to re-activate the license though. To do this, first remove the license and run the license activate command:

rm .verticalbackup/license
./vertical license activate


Thanks - downloaded it, and it works like a charm! :slight_smile: