Unable to upload SFTP (Max number of t-ries getFileInfo)



So we’ve recently changed our debian box that was running an SFTP server to a Synology box. Again, same type of setup using an SFTP server.

I’ve configured VerticalBackup to use the new SFTP server and run ./vertical benchmark to test the connection, which looks to be working fine and I can see the files on the FTP;
alternate text

However, when I try and run ./vertical backup. I get the following;
alternate text
I can see it creates the directory structure on the FTP but I keep getting the above timeouts until eventually it gives up.

Any ideas/suggestions.


Never actually managed to resolve the above ended up using NSF instead.

Just wondering, I swear I remember seeing somewhere that we could only backup to, 1 location. Is this true?
Basically we are looking to backup the Primary ESX to an onsite server and to a offsite server? We’d ideally like to do this directly from VerticalBackup on ESX however, if it’s not possible we will have to push the backup from the onsite backup server to the offsite backup server.


Yes, Vertical Backup can back up to 1 location. But you can run Duplicacy to copy backups from one server to another. You don’t need a Duplicacy license for this purpose and Duplicacy can run on virtual any computers.

I’ve seen the same strange behavior with Synology before. Using a shorter storage path may help (for instance sftp://backup@ Since Synology runs their own modified version of OpenSSH server, I suspect there is a bug in handling the file path that causes the program to crash. NFS is more stable and is recommended over SFTP in this case.