Unnecessary files being backed up?



I’ve noticed from the backups that a large amount of data is showing ‘New’ and is being backed up. For example we have 2 VM’s on ESX. One is showing new data of around 4/5GB and the other 2/3GB. The backup runs daily and only around 2 users, using the system/domain. Is there unnecessary files being backed up, and if there is, is there a way to exclude these from the backup? I can’t see a way that 2 users would be using this much space daily and definitely can’t see it within the disk increases.

Any ideas?


This is normal with a disk-level backup tool. The OS is constantly writing system files and caches, so even if there are no user activities, there could be a lot of changes happening on the disk any time.


Thanks for the response @gchen.

I wonder if you had any ideas for the following… I am doing a WAN Backup on a very slow link and want to minimise the traffic/backup to only necessary files. Do you have any ideas what file(s) could be causing a larger backup? Reason I ask we could move these to a different disk and then exclude that disk from VerticalBackup?


It could be some system files that are constantly being written to and you can’t really move these files.