Uploading snapshot fails for minio backend


Backup to minio backend failing because of snapshot creation failure.

All uploadings and stuff succeed but uploading the snapshot file fails with the error below.

Did anyone experience this? is it something that can be easily fixed?

Removing all snapshots of Core-Router
Creating a new virtual machine snapshot for Core-Router
Uploaded file /vmfs/volumes/Local-Disk1/Core-Router_1/Core-Router_1.vmdk
Uploading file Core-Router_1-flat.vmdk
Uploaded file Core-Router_1-flat.vmdk 378.37MB/s 00:00:43
Uploaded file Core-Router_1.vmx
Uploaded file Core-Router_1.vmxf
Uploaded file Core-Router_1.nvram
Failed to upload file snapshots/Core-Router@esxi-01/1: The request signature we calculated does not match the signature you provided. Check your key and signing method.
Removing all snapshots of Core-Router


I don’t have this problem when testing against a minio server. Maybe it is because of the @ in the snapshot file path, and I guess it may have something to do with the region setting of your minio server.


Thanks gchen, since its working for you, I did some further checking and managed to get it working.

It seems its a problem with trying to use an ssl (which i have no idea why it was working with virtical backup minio backend in the first place) front-end with a Sophos home edition’s WAF forwarding connection to a non-ssl minio backend. When i tried directly using IP from inside it works fine.

Guest i will use it like this until the minios (SSL) version of the back-end gets added to vertical-backup.