Vertical bu locally - then rsync offsite?

crazy question - but before i go down this path and test - anyone attempt using vertical backup within a local environment (fast connections and storage) and then syncing that local destination with an offsite via rsync? I like the idea of vertical backup with the way it works/deduplication/scripts/alerts/snapshots - but even with very fast internet connections I find the comparison to be too slow for what I am looking for. rsync seems to handle offsite replication quite well but of course I wouldn’t want to use that on a straight vmdk file, but it wold seemingly work fine and fast on the vertical destination/chunks etc.

anyone try this out? any ideas pro or con against this that I am missing? feel free to tell me that this is a bad idea and just to keep with vertical as well…


Yes, this should work. You can also use Duplicacy to copy the storage to the offsite destination, which, compared with rsync, allows you to use a different encryption password, or to pick a subset of revisions to copy.